Macroeconomic Data Analysis (ECON 343)

This page is for students in Economics 343, “Macroeconomic Data Analysis, at NEIU. 

It was last taught during Spring 2019, TR 5:406:55The 2019 syllabus is posted here.

Students who wish to review some introductory material can refer to the macroeconomics videos that I have recorded.

Here are some other videos I made for this course:                   
Making a Time–Series Graph in Excel                                                                     (Data)   
Making a (Regression) Table in Excel                                                                     
Introduction to Time Series in R                                                                               (Data)                    (R script file
Application: Testing PPP in R                                                                                    (Data)                    (R script file)
Deseasonalizing Time Series in R                                                                             (Data)                    (R script file)
Extracting Business Cycles and Calculating Cross-Correlations in R                (Data)                    (R script file) 
Lags, Differences, and Autocorrelation in R                                                           (Data)                    (R script file) 

(These are not really “Macroeconomics, but they are hopefully useful!)
* Working With Geographic Shapefiles in R                                                           (Files and Code)
* Application: Analyzing Milwaukee Crime Data in R                                             (R script file)
Applying Basic Spatial Statistics to Crime Data in R                                             (R script file)

Here is the link to the textbook, which I wrote and put on Feel free to use it, in class or elsewhere. Contact me if you are enrolled in class and would like a .pdf rather than sign up with them.

Macroeconomic Data Analysis by Scott W. Hegerty on Scribd