Welcome to the web pages of the Swale Footpaths Group.

We are a walking group based in North East Kent with a membership of around 200, many of whom live in and around Sittingbourne and Faversham.

Members are welcome from all areas of Kent.

As an all-weather walking group, we provide a full and varied programme to areas within Kent. Walks are rarely cancelled. Walks are usually not less than 3 miles, but can be up to 12 miles to suit a range of ability and experience. Most walks are circular but we also do linear and figure of eight walks. We always have a halfway break for socialising and a packed lunch, pub or cafe if these are available.

The Swale district includes some outstandingly beautiful areas that remain relatively unknown. If, while driving along a quiet country road or sitting in traffic, you have ever noticed a footpath sign and wondered where it went, then our Group could introduce you to the network of footpaths across this interesting and varied landscape.

Registered Charity No. 261252