Selected Source Codes


This page will gradually grow with time. The codes given are either in C or in MATLAB.

1. A C-Code of the Inertia Adaptive PSO Variant with Particle Mobility Factor.

2. C-code for two improved variants of DE algorithm. If you use this code, please refer to the following paper:

"S. Das, A. Konar and U. K. Chakraborty, Two Improved Differential Evolution Schemes for Faster Global Search, published in the ACM-SIGEVO published in the ACM-SIGEVO Proceedings of the 2005 Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, H. Beyer, Ed. GECCO '05, New York, NY, pp. 991 - 998, Washington DC, USA, June 25 - 29, 2005".

3. MATLAB Code of Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO) based linear antenna array synthesis.