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Art For Kids

Art for Kids can be as simplistic or as complex as you or your child would like to make it. Some simple and quick art projects and ideas for very young children might include:

  • Ten minute finger painting project
  • Crayon drawings or feather paintings on a paper plate
  • Tracing their hands on paper to make a drawing of a turkey
  • Consider getting them a Tablet computer with built in art programs.

More complex art projects might include:

  • A week-long process creating a collage of your child’s favorite things. Select some family pictures or cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them on poster board.
  • Create a storybook about a day or event in your child’s life. Write down details about your child’s day and have your child draw pictures relating to those details using colored pencils or crayons.

For your older kids, you might want to take a look at some of the ideas, artworks, educational materials and tools available on some of these other selected web sites:

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