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Highlands School

Highlands School is a Blue Ribbon School and has been since 2010. Highlands was first started in 1957. (Highlands is 60 years old.) Our former principal Susan Stuckey lead our school wonderfully for 12 years. Highlands has grades K-5. Additional services and resources available to complement the classroom instruction are: art, music, physical education, speech/language therapy, special reading, learning disability resource, band, orchestra, learning resource center, gifted programs, and enrichment.

Recently Highlands just got a new whale sculpture. Parents volunteered to be apart of the whale building. The fifth graders of 2010-2011 made sea wildlife and designs to put on the new whale sculpture. Those fifth grader’s artwork will be part of the whale for a long time. Our first whale sculpture was a blue whale emerging from the ocean. This whale was also designed and built by students and parents in the fall of 1998.

But, what really makes Highlands a special school is that it makes you feel welcome and comfortable. All of the teachers make you feel like you are at home. When students were knew, Mrs. Stuckey invited each new student grade by grade to have lunch with her. Also Highlands' office staff gave each new student’s a bag of goodies to bring home. Highlands is a great school!

By Peyton and Julia