The Wrist Band Story

Team Stuckey Wristbands

When Susan Stuckey was diagnosed with cancer, no one wanted to see her that way. After what she’s done for the people of the community, we had to do something to show our support, but what? That’s right, support bracelets! We went behind the scenes of the making of these bracelets, and you get to find out what we learned.

We interviewed Mrs. Pradel, the brain behind the wristband. The idea started a couple of years ago when she made wristbands for a friend of hers. The staff at Highlands wanted to show support for Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey so she proposed the idea and everybody liked it.

“I think the bracelet shows support to Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey while they are going through a difficult time in their lives,” says Mrs. Pradel “I think it’s cool for them to see how many people were asking for the bands. We actually had to place 2 orders because there was a lot of demand for the bracelets.”

Mrs. Pradel wasn’t the only one involved in the making of the wristbands. She had lots of help from some of the staff members at Highlands. As you know, the phrases “Team Stuckey” and “Whale Wishes” are on the wristbands. Who came up with these wonderful slogans? Mrs. Birch, the instructional coordinator, came up with the phrase “Team Stuckey” and Mrs. Gervase, an LBS teacher, came up with the slogan “Whale Wishes.” Last but not least, 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Vandenburgh, helped Mrs. Pradel put the order in.

This is the most amazing part of the story. I would have thought that Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey knew about this whole idea. But actually it was kept a secret!  The only people who knew about this were Mrs. Pradel and her crew.

As you can see, the wristbands made to support Mrs. and Mr. Stuckey have a very interesting past, just like the brave couple themselves. So, if anybody ever asks you, “What is that wristband for?” you can tell them the fascinating story about those pink wristbands.

Written by,

Sangita S.,Sonal D., Greta M.,Alyssa R.