What We Believe

We believe in a living and loving Creator God whose Son Jesus Christ came as one of us to live on Earth and proclaim the Kingdom of God through every thought, word and deed, giving an example that all should follow. We believe that by his death and resurrection Jesus opened the way to God and raised our humanity that we might share his divinity, affirmed in his ascension. We believe that in the sending of the Holy Spirit God empowers humankind to share in the work of his Son and reveals the truth that sets the whole Creation free.

We believe that God speaks to us in many ways: through the creation, through our God-given gifts of insight and reason, through what we have inherited from the faithful in every generation, but chiefly God speaks to us through God’s Son and through those God inspires through God’s indwelling spirit. We believe that the bible is the inspired Word of God and has a central place in teaching and guiding all people as we grow in faith and discipleship.

We believe that baptism is the sign of our new birth into the Kingdom of God and we welcome all who come to God in faith, inviting people of all ages to travel in our company as we seek to discover the God who is ever-present in our midst. In sharing Holy Communion we celebrate the love that led Jesus to the cross as he gave his life that all may live, joining with those throughout time and space who gather around the Lord’s table to discover in that fellowship a foretaste of God’s eternal kingdom prepared for all people. We believe that God’s gift of love may be expressed in human relationships and we affirm those who proclaim that love and we seek to celebrate the love that unites them by blessing and sanctifying all that is good. We believe that in death we may discover afresh the promises made to us through our Lord Jesus Christ who by the Holy Spirit gives God’s new life to all who come to God in faith and trust.

We believe that we never travel alone, but in the company of all faithful people who follow in the steps of Jesus Christ the Son of God. We rejoice that in our listening and sharing with people of faith we find fresh insights, encouragement and inspiration. We welcome as friends all who seek to work for the good of God’s creation and who strive for that justice, peace, mercy and truth revealed in God’s kingdom.

We believe that God is for all people and loves his creation, expressing in its richness and diversity the nature of God’s very being. We seek to become a community of faith ever open to the world and to the God who has invited us into a loving relationship with him and with all that he has made.