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Holy Week 2018

Maundy Thursday (March 29 at 6 pm)
Please join us as we remember Jesus's final meal with his disciples. In the Parish Hall, we will share a simple meal, called an Agape Meal. Agape is a Greek words that means selfless, unconditional love. Agape Meals go back to the early days of the church, when Christians would come together for food an fellowship as well as the Eucharist. During the meal, we'll hear scripture that describes the Last Supper and Jesus's commandments to his disciples, and carry out those commandments - to share Communion together and to humble and make ourselves vulnerable by participating in a foot washing ritual. (You may certainly attend and not get your feet washed! An alternate way to participate is by getting your hands washed. You can also just be present and join in singing simple Taize songs during the ritual.) Then we'll process to the church, where we will solemnly pray and strip the altar. The service ends in darkness. Moving through the last acts of Jesus helps us live more deeply into Holy Week. As we grieve for Jesus at the end of the service Thursday and on Good Friday, we prepare ourselves for the incredible joy of Easter.

Good Friday (March 30 at 12 noon)
This is a somber service with no music and no Communion. At noon, Jesus hung in suffering on the cross. Our liturgy solemnly remembers key moments in Jesus's last day on earth. We will have posters depicting the stations of the cross around the church. Prayers and short scriptures will be offered at each one. When the scripture describing how Simon of Cyrene was forced to carry the cross for Jesus, a large wooden cross will be brought to the front. Everyone will have an opportunity to write something that they want to give up to God on  paper and nail it to the cross, releasing their burdens to the One who suffered and died for us.  

Easter Vigil (March 31 at 8 pm)
Easter Vigil is a liturgy of the ancient church that has it all. Fire! Water! Ancient stories! Bells! Alleluias! Joy! Light! Love! We begin in darkness. We then kindle a new fire. Really! In a real firepit right outside the front doors! We pass the fire from person to person. How cool is that? Then, by candlelight, we tell stories of God's relationship with humankind from the Hebrew Scriptures. We then renew our Baptismal Covenant and get sprinkled with Holy Water. Then it's time for the big event. The church lights come on and everyone rings bells (bring yours! or we have some extras!) as we welcome the risen Jesus! We sing. We have alleluias for the first time in six weeks. We take Communion together. It's glorious. Please come and check it out.

Easter Sunday (April 1 at 10 am)
Easter Sunday is the biggest day in the church year. Bigger than Christmas. It's amazing. The church is full, everyone is excited, we sing, we praise God, we worship, we take Communion together. Jesus has overcome death and calls us all to be resurrection people. Please come. It could change your life!