Streamline Operations Consulting Company

Reengineering Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

Streamline Operations Consulting Company helps bridge the gap between planning and execution by connecting business and operations/ supply chain teams to improve their performance.

As businesses grow, their ability to execute often does not keep up with the plans and strategies of management.

We bring the best-in-class management systems and tools to mid-size industries in India and outside, and enable them to compete effectively in the open market economy.

We will ensure robust and quality execution of strategy as execution is the only visible attribute of a strategy. An average strategy executed well will always win over a great strategy executed poorly.

Who can benefit most from our expertise?

  • Mid-size companies, with sales of around INR 1000 cr

  • Have growth plans but are constrained by back-end and supply chain

  • See value in systemic and structured approaches to management