The Lisbon Training Center in Ramada, Portugal

The Lisbon Training Center exists to support our Field Team Purpose Statement: 
     To assist our national partners in establishing and strengthening reproducing Baptist Churches

What is an STPer?

An STPer: a special Short-Term servant who 

facilitates church-planting in Portugal by 

helping to maintain the Lisbon Training Center and its ministries.

With the completion of the Lisbon Training Center (LTC) in 1998, the ABWE Portugal Field Team assumed the stewardship of a large and very useful facility.  Our STPers, servant-hearted, talented and passionate servants of God, have been a great blessing to the Portugal Field Team and a wonderful testimony to the Portuguese.  We believe there are more willing servants who are capable of participating in this significant ministry by helping us keep the Center ready for ministry.  

Could that include you?

Service l Talent l Passion

    Among the outstanding quality traits most often displayed in STPers is a passion for serving others for the Glory of God by using their experiences, wisdom and talents. Out of this recognition grew the acrostic
Service l Talent l Passion.

The STP work is critical - it ministers to at least 15 churches, dozens of missionaries, hundreds of people and is a testimony to the thousands in the community near us. 

Bring a buddy to Portugal!

The next time you schedule to work at the LTC why not invite a second couple to work along with you? We can make a guest room available for their use and “many hands make light work”. Teach them the ropes and maybe they will want to be repeat STPers. Please contact us for further details.