Electronic and printed resources for teaching and learning the sciences, produced by Dr Angela Stott.
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About Angela

Dr Angela Stott (BSc, BSc(Hons), MEd, PhD) is a science teacher, researcher and author. 
Angela has 20 years of school teaching experience and has conducted postdoctoral research at UCT for 3,5 years. Angela has authored a range of learning materials in areas of Biology, Natural Science and Physical Science.She has also mentored hundreds of learners in the production of Science Expo projects, conducted teacher workshops throughout South Africa and given presentations at numerous academic and practitioner conferences.Angela's particular areas of specialisation include use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education, promotion of critical thinking, development of investigative skills, conceptual understanding, gifted education and teacher education.


  • Grades 8&9 Natural Sciences and Grade 11 Mechanics Posters
  • Grades 8&9 Natural Sciences DVD
  • Grades 8&9 Natural Sciences Chemistry and Electricity teaching and learning kits
  • Grade 11 Mechanics teaching and learning kit

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