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Under proposed new laws, people with homes in a bushfire zone will be able to clear trees within 10 metres of their house. They will also be able to clear shrubs and other vegetation, except for trees, within 50 metres of their home. The new rules will also apply to non-residential buildings in designated bushfire zones. Morning Show Host, Barry (Mac) McCaffery spoke this morning with State Member Gareth Ward about the proposal & followed on by interviewing VFFA Vice President, Brian Williams, regarding these new changes.

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VFFA……..Keeping Volunteers Informed

Brian Williams is another brave man who has spoken out for decades despite targeting. Unfortunately for a growing number of victims, he has been ignored & his warnings have come true.


Amongst the ash, flames, devastation, heartbreak and exhaustion of the Great Alpine Fires a tiny miracle was being played out close to Mansfield.... two days ago, two DSE fire-fighters saw a small movement amongst the burnt ground and stopped to see what it was.. to their utter amazement, a tiny feathertail glider, smaller than an average woman's thumb was moving awkwardly across the burnt and blackened fireground amongst the smoke, and ash.

The little glider was tenderly scooped up into gentle and caring hands, his smoke filled eyes cleaned with eye drops and and ever so delicately placed into a soft cloth bag one of his rescuers had thought to take along. His tiny feet were badly burnt and he was in much pain but miraculously no other burns were immediately visible.

A call was put out over the radio for help with the tiny glider and arrangements immediately made for the Help for Wildlife Bushfire Response Team who were working in the fire affected area to come out to the fringe of the fire affected area and collect the little glider from his rescuers.

Shortly after, the rescuers arrived at the designated pickup point, to meet DSE rescuers and the little glider immediately taken into care - his tiny feet were dressed with a highly specialised burn cream which offered relief and healing for the intense pain he was enduring.

This little miracle called "Diego" by one of his rescuers, was tenderly cared for by the Help for Wildlife rescue team at their Wildlife Response Unit stationed in Mansfield throughout the night and was then taken to Healesville Sanctuary for an initial checkup, then more indepth treatment the following day after a nights care with a Help for Wildlife burns carer.

Today little Diego continues to do well, he is active, bright and eating well - his tiny feet are beginning to heal, the swelling is going down and we can see his toes for the first time!

In the midst of these far reaching and devastating fires... a tiny life is saved and those involved are humbled to be part of this incredible miracle.

For the Help for Wildlife Bushfire Response team, little Diego symbolises all those we have lost in these devestating fires.