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Kol Hakavod Aaron, I agree with you that this traveling exhibit is sensationalistic and yet another affront to human dignity. If this were an exhibit of animals the PETA people and all their supporters would be screaming to the heavens! I applaud you for speaking up for human dignity!

When I was a dental student we were taught in gross anatomy class to have the utmost respect for the deceased people whom we were learning from. We were taught that they had donated their bodies in order to teach students and to hopefully, thereby, help their fellow man. At the end of the class a memorial service was held so that we could pay our final respects to these people. Beyond anatomy a proper respect for human dignity was taught in this course. I wonder what has happened to those same values today.

Mark L. Bailen

Sharon, Ma

Thanks, Aaron for bringing this to my attention. I think it is terrible.

Evelyn Krieger

Sharon, Ma


I can understand using bodies and body parts to advance medical research. I

can not understand, flaying a body to display as "art". Couldn't this have

been better, making body casts and then using other materials to produce the

"sculptures"? This way the bodies could be returned to a grave and the

exhibit would be just as interesting.

Noah Horowitz

Sharon, Ma

Aaron: Thank you for calling this outrage to people's attention. You have done a service to human dignity.

Richard Fein

Amherst, Ma

Dear Aaron,

I wish you success in this endeavor. Although BodyWorlds has an educational component.

It ultimately degrades the human spirit.

Best wishes.

Rav Baruch Frydman-Kohl, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Note: Rabbi Frydman-Kohl has delivered a sermon about this issue, of

which I recently became aware. You may view it at


Dear Aaron,

Thank you for making the main thing the main thing... and that is that WE do not have the right to disrespect the dead EVEN if they consented.

Genesis 23:4 ... "Sell me some property for a burial site here so I can bury my dead." I have been weeping over this issue of the dead bodies on display. It not only disrespects the dead but disrespects God for He has told us to respect and bury the dead." Those bumper stickers that read God bless America... well... It is not so much that God should bless America... But that America should bless God... by following what He has told us clearly in His Holy Scriptures. Disrespecting the dead is not only disrespectful of the dead... but kicks against the knowledge of God... and what God has clearly told us in His word. America bless God!

Carol Dickinson, Houston, TX

All I have to say is thank God there are others out there who think the Body Worlds exhibit was wrong. DEAD WRONG! My friends and I went to the exhibit last week (thinking it was a movie) and I was having a great time at the beginning criticizing all the models until my friend read a sign saying that some of them were real!!!! OMG. I didn't know how to handle myself. The rest of the way through the exhibit my friends and I couldn't help but speak our minds as we passed by each model while other people stared. All I could do was ask aloud, "Do you honestly think these people are at peace?!?!" What is the point? If scientists have discovered plastination then why are they still pickling, poking and prodding these people?!?! Allowing the public to criticize them and stare and be near all the negative energy?!?! I could've read everything there in my anatomy book!!! It is absolutely unnecessary to display the bodies and slice them up and charge 10 bucks a person to come and look at them. Thankfully we have medicine and the people who are willing to be guinea pigs, but that doesn't mean they should be skinned and baked into ice skating and "the thinker" positions. It's not art, it's an immoral and gruesome way to disrespect the dead.

Sarah,Denver, CO

This exhibit is a horrible exploitation of the people who have died. Furthermore, it will draw out the pathological people in our midst who are lonely and isolated and ill.

Please be responsible and stop or curtail this exhibit.

It good to protest no matter what the result. It's not wasted time. Sometimes I think the world has gone insane. I see things like this(protest-ed.) and I think there's hope for civilization.

Thank you for doing this. I mean that.

Martha J. Nugent

Yarmouth Port, MA

While reading Joanna Weiss's article in the Globe (July 29) on this exhibit,

I could not help but feel the lack of respect for the dead because of what

this "artist" has done. When I first heard this exhibit was coming to

Boston, it interested me because I thought certain that the cadavers would

be synthetic. Now I have mixed emotions about seeing it. This is all

about money and notoriety. It would not surprise me if this exhibit is

forced to close.

Joanne Wheeler

Canton, MA

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