Every spring semester the Stony Brook Astronomy Club holds our annual AstroFest. The purpose of this astronomy outreach event is to show people why astronomy is so awesome in a comfortable and welcoming environment. It is open to all students and faculty of Stony Brook as well as to the public.

On the eve of Astrofest, we decorate the first floor of the ESS and order plenty of food. We then invite members of Stony Brook and the public to come and learn about Astronomy in a relaxed environment. Club members research a topic of interest and create posters explaining the topic. Members will often exhibit fun demonstrations in order to reinforce their topic. We open the roof of ESS and show visitors the magnificence of the cosmos with our 14" telescope. You'll be taken on a tour of our campus-scale model of the solar system. We show episodes of Carl Sagan's hit series COSMOS and hold astronomy-related contests with cool prizes.

Astrofest 2016

Astrofest 2015

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