St Neots Astronomy Association (SNAA) every year arrange and run astronomy evenings for local schools and groups.

Observing sessions can be offered from October to March when the skies are at their darkest.

A typical observing evening will last 1-2 hours and will include a laser sky tour where we learn how to find the Pole Star and as many constellations as we can as well as pointing out any planets that may be visible. Then using our telescopes we will let everybody have a look at the craters on The Moon, maybe a planet or even galaxy.

Obviously we would need to make it clear that this is all weather/cloud permitting......However if it is cloudy we will have a back up in the form of a presentation on the Solar System. For the presentation all we need is a plug.

Cost wise we all volunteer to do this free of charge, we do however ask that if you are happy to do so, that you make a donation to SNAA for an amount that you feel is appropriate.

If you would be interested in arranging an observing evening with us then please get in contact ASAP as available sessions are limited.

Richard Elliott


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