Weekend Observing Evening

Observing Evening 
due to the forecast 
strong winds & cloud cover

SNAA Weekend Observing Evening

Saturday 22th February from 7pm onwards. 

Current Predicted Forecast

Temp = 7oC 

Cloud Cover = 69%

Wind = W 13-22 mph

updated 22/02/2019 @ 2pm


## Final go / no go decision

will be made at 6pm on the day of the event 

and announced via this web page ##


We will have a laser guided tour of the night sky. 

Additionally our members will have a selection of telescopes and

binoculars set up for you to have a look through.

Remember to bring your own telescope or binoculars if you have some and wrap up warm.

Please remember to check this page at 6pm on the day of the event for the final decision.
For further & future event details