Our weekly worship service reflects a deep concern for poverty and social justice throughout the world. As a church, we

  • Make learning about and finan-cially supporting people living in poverty locally and in other parts of the world a regular part of our work as a church;
  • Coordinate Ely's annual Gifts That Give Fair and sponsor the Greater Gift sale at the fair;
  • Participate in projects  benefiting those in need, from our local community to abroad through the Episcopal Church in Minnesota's annual Mission Project;
  • Sponsor the post-secondary education of Ethiopian students otherwise unable to afford the training they need to work in medical clinics. 
  • Coordinate community outreach with other denominations through the Ely Ministerial Association, including an annual Lenten supper held jointly with the Presbyterian Church. 


Education forMinistry (EfM): a seminary-level program of theological education and spiritual formation adapted for parish use and open to the community and run as needed.

Kid's Time: We welcome the restless creativity of children during our regular worship service.  We provide them with paper,  children's activity bulletins and art supplies to keep their hands busy, and keep sermons and the service simple and child-friendly.