Subscribe To Calendars

You can subscribe to an Intensity team calendar so that it appears on your SmartPhone without having to manually key in all the events.   The calendar will also automatically update as changes are made to event(s).

1.    The first step is to create a Google account (if you don't already have on).  You can use an existing email (it doesn’t have to be a gmail account) for your userid.  Here’s the link on how:  Create your Google Account.  

Note:  To use an existing email address for your username, be sure to click on ‘I prefer to use my current email address’ under ‘Choose your username’.

2.    Now you’ll need to subscribe to the Intensity calendar from your Google Account.   Here’s how:

a.    Go to the Intensity website

b.    On the left under ‘Current Season’, click on the schedule link for your daughter’s team

c.     On the bottom right hand side of the calendar, click on the ‘+ Google Calendar’ button

d.    Login into your Google account 

e.    Click ‘Next: Get reminded about events’ button

f.      Check or uncheck the ‘Pop-up’ reminders checkbox and click ‘Next: Sync with your mobile’

g.    Click ‘Start using Google Calendar’

h.    Click on ‘Yes, add this calendar’ when prompted.  The calendar should appear under ‘Other calendars’ on the left margin.

3.    If you’re using an Android phone, when you login into Google, you should have the calendar.  Users with an iPhone or iPad will have to perform the following procedure to complete the process:  Sync Google Calendar with your iOS device


You may wish to later unsubscribe from the calendar in your Google account.  Here’s how:

1.    Login to your Google account

2.    Select ‘Settings’ under the sprocket pull-down menu

3.    Click on the ‘Calendars’ tab

4.    Click on ‘Unsubscribe’ next to the calendar you wish to unsubscribe from