Loose Color Portfolio 2

This page is dedicated to one project in Deerfield Beach, Florida. There is a fishing pier at the public beach and this was a proposal for a restaurant, snack bar and new pavillion on the site. Many large projects involve mutiple images to showcase certain features.
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 Entrance view when entering from the main highway
 This is a shot down the north side of the restaurant. The client thought it was important to show this public access point to the beach
 Again an important shot to showcase the public walk area in relationship to the beach
 From the beach looking at the new pier building and restaurant
 from the south showing the snack bar and pier building
 Entrance to the restaurant
 View fro the second floor of the hotel across from the project to show the ocean could still be seen
 Ground floor view of snack bar area
 Pavillion entrance
 This is a different proposal on the same site with the restaurant scaled back. These sketches were looser and quickly colored, but still useful for depicting the project.