Loose Color Portfolio 1

I have grouped some of my most recent loose color renderings together in these portfolio pages. They include a wide variety of subjects and I have made individual comments on the images. When I illustrate the base B&W drawing for this type of rendering, sometimes I use a straight edge for the line work and sometimes I work totally freehand. The latter style comes off more loose and artistic. For more B&W samples see the index of Looser Style Renderings on the Gallery 2 Page.
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 Recreation center in Cashiers, North Carolina. (used straight-edge style)
 Residence in Gulfstream, Florida. This freehand image was used on a invitation to a garden party.
 Deerfield Beach, Florida. This marina and condo rendering was done with a combination of straight-edge and freehand.
 Wellington, Florida. Multi-family development. By now you should be able to see how I executed the illustration, either straigh-edge, freehand or a combination of the two.
 Mountain Home in Cashiers, North Carolina
 Another mountain home in North Carolina
 Seasons 52 Restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. This rendering was colored with markers on a bond copy. Before working with water color paint, I used markers which were very costly.
 Private residence in South Africa.
 Entrance to an downtown area on the west coast of Florida 
 THis project was in Nassau, Bahamas and colored with markers
Town square on the west coast of Florida  
 Eye Clinic in Boca Raton, Florida