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More Architectural Renderings and Commercial Art of Jim Stilwell


Here are more samples of Architectural renderings and Commercial Art produced by me, Jim Stilwell. This gallery features many samples of Interior Renderings and Looser style rendering samples,the type of quick sketching that I teach at my workshops. I will also be showcasing my most recent projects so check back frequently.

Interior Renderings

Looser Style Renderings

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This  looser style rendering is usually done in a 11x17 format. The base drawing is in pencil and then water colored on a bond print. See more in Loose Color Portfolio 1 and more b/w samples in the index to the left.

This is a tighter style interior on a 20x30 format-pen and ink with color. Check out more by clicking any category in the interior renderings index to the left.

 This is a looser style interior. See more sample in Looser Style Renderings.

 This is a recent sample of a tighter style rendering-20x30 format,pen and ink with color. See Recent Color Renderings


This is a sample of a looser stlye rendering done entirely freehand. See more of this style in Looser Style Renderings.
I will be constantly adding new work to these galleries, so please check back often. Thank you for visiting this site.