Sunday, August 9th
We will offer both a pre-recorded virtual worship option and an in-person outdoor worship on Sunday, August 9th at 9:30am. Bring a chair and wear your mask for our outdoor service held on our rear driveway & lawn area. Social distance 6 feet between family groups please. There is plenty of space in the shade. In the event of rain our outdoor service will be cancelled.

Use the link below after 6am Sunday to access our pre-recorded virtual worship service.

Worship  Link:

Worship Notes for August 9th

Order of Worship

- Announcements

-Prelude: O Say, But I’m Glad
    Carl Barr     arr. DeCou

-Call to Worship (From Psalm 1)
Happy is the person who doesn’t listen to the wicked or follow others down the wrong path.
Happy is the person who delights in the teaching of the Lord
That person thrives like a tree planted beside streams of water
The Lord guards the way of the righteous
The Lord quenches our souls and guides our lives with his Word
Let us worship God.

-Opening Prayer

-Hymn:  There is a Place of Quiet Rest 

-Scripture:  Gen 37:1-4, 12-28

-Special Music:  Shall We Gather at the River
    Nick Panzer

-Sermon: “Family Troubles”

-Pastoral Prayer


-Postlude:   There Is No Greater Love
     Carl Barr       arr. DeCou 


- The flowers today are presented to the glory of God and in memory of our parents: Jason & Kay Schaeffer, Al & Helen Neumayer, presented by Frank and Sue Schaeffer .

- Thanks to those who participated in today’s worship: Carl & Kathy Barr and special music by Nick Panzer.

- Worship Options: As we worship at 9:30, we will need to wear masks and keep our distance.  This option is not a good choice for everyone so we will continue to offer online worship.

- Offering: If you are able, please send your offering to the church by mail or use our online donation link below on our website to donate electronically.

- Pantry Needs: We are in need of bars of soap, shampoo, toothpaste and hygiene products. Please leave donations in the box just inside the FH entrance door. Checks may be made out to SYCP and placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church office.

- Blood Donations: SPC is hosting a Blood Drive on TUESDAY, AUGUST 25th.  The Blood Bank is really in need of blood due to interruptions in blood collections over the last several months.  Masks and social distancing will be employed.  Please make an appointment to ensure we have a level flow of people in Fellowship Hall.  Call 800-771-0059 to schedule your donation.  Thank You in advance!  You could save someone's life by donating.  As a bonus you will receive free COVID-19 antibody testing and a free donor t-shirt.

- Session will meet by Zoom on Tuesday at 7pm. Check your email for documents and Zoom information.

Prayers of the People….

-Prayers for Carl and Sharyn's 20 year old niece Emma and her roommate Ashley. Both have been diagnosed with Covid-19.
-A close family friend of Sharyn's was in a head on collision this week near Milton Pa. He has full body trauma with multiple broken bones and head injury. He has a long road of healing ahead.
Lisa Kreder had out-patient surgery. Prayers for recovery.
-Barry Shank as he recovers from Lyme Disease.
-Byron Boyd as he begins a new round of chemo and awaits a bone marrow transplant.
- Wendy Huber has asked for prayers for her daughter's fiancé Brian. He has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Pray for effective treatment and healing.
- Constatine Gereny, 2020 KD Grad left for Fort Benning, GA for Basic Training in Army.
- Lisa has asked for prayers for Emerson the young boy she has been watching for friends. He had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. He has returned home and is waiting for more tests. Prayers for insights for the Doctors and peace for Emerson and his parents.
- Chrissy Wells from the Presbytery office & her Husband Nate who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer
- Heidi Orr 

-PRAISE for renewed outdoor worship.


              Pastor Doug

 Your Offerings: 

 If you are able, please send your offerings to the church
 either by Mail to:
 Stewartstown Presbyterian Church
         P.O. Box 277
         Stewartstown, PA 17363
        online at:


Come  and  worship  the 
Lord  with  us!   
  178+ years of sharing
    the Love of  Jesus !
   Regular Sunday Service   
    In Fellowship Hall  

  -  9:30am  Worship Service       
Please wear masks and keep your social distance.
 We will not yet be singing together.
 This option will not be a good choice for everyone,
 so we will continue to offer worship online.

  *See our Calendar Page for special services/ activities


 Jesus Welcomes All
- We Welcome All !!!

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, confused, filthy rich, comfortable or dirt poor.  We extend a special welcome to wailing babies and energetic toddlers.  We welcome you whether you can sing like a songbird or just growl quietly to yourself.  You're welcome here if you're just browsing, just woken up or just got out of prison. We don't care if you're more Christian than the Pope or haven't been to church since Christmas ten years ago.  We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet and to the teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome soccer moms, football dads, starving artists, tree huggers, coffee-sipping hipsters, vegetarians and junk-food eaters.  We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted.  We welcome you if you're having problems, are down in the dumps or don't like organized religion.  We offer a welcome to those who think the Earth is flat, work too hard, don't have a job, can't spell or are here because Grandma is visiting and wanted to go to church.  We welcome those who are inked, pierced, both or neither.  We offer a special welcome to those who need some prayer right now, had religion shoved down their throat as kids or just drove by and saw the sign and decided to stop by. We welcome newcomers, old-timers, seekers, doubters ......  and  YOU !


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Reverend Doug Friant
Stewartstown Presbyterian Church
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