Staff & Leadership

Our Pastor:  Reverend Doug Friant   
Pastor Doug has been a Presbyterian pastor for over 25 years.  For many years he served churches in central Pennsylvania where he and his family had a small horse farm. After serving 15 years in Bedford   PA he spent a year on a “missional” sabbatical to engage with people outside the pulpit. One highlight of his sabbatical was walking over 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago from the border of France to the tomb of James the apostle in Santiago, Spain. He has three adult children: one lives in Pittsburgh, one in Delaware and one in Maine. Pastor Doug has returned to his roots in central PA and we are Thankful. 

Our Church Secretary:  Open   

Position Available

Our Session:  Consists of Nine Members

Session exercises leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline and has responsibilities for the life of our congregation as well as our whole church, including ecumenical relationships.  Our Session is comprised of nine elected members who are ordained as Elders.  They each serve a three year term and are divided into three classes according to their term expiration:


2019    Gloria Thompson, Lisa Kreder, Barron Shaw.


2020    Bill Johnson, Kathryn Barr, Bev Osman.

2021    Reginald Gemmill, Rebecca Dorsey, Carol Shenk.

Our Board of Deacons:  Consists of 12 Members

The ministry of Deacons is one of compassion, witness and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. They are charged with caring for our members.  Our Board of Deacons is comprised of twelve elected members who are ordained as Deacons. They each serve a three year term and are divided into three classes according to their term expiration:


2019    Sandra Sharnetzka, Martha Streett, Brenda Gibbs, Sue Schaeffer.


2020    Joe Hall, Iris Rey, Rebecca Cromwell, Mary Sue Shaw.

2021    Mary Jane Sechrist, Peryl McDonald, Dawn Wilson, Janet Winters. 

Our Board of Trustees:   Consists of 10 Members 

The Board of Trustees are our representatives of the church for matters related to buying, selling, and mortgaging real property, accepting and executing deeds as well as holding and defending titles to the same, maintaining and improving all church property and carrying out any other duties as assigned to them by the congregation and/or Session.  Our Board of Trustees is comprised of up to twelve elected members.  They each serve a three year term and are divided into three classes according to term expiration:


2019    Richard Gibbs, Jane Wisniewski, Martin Zimmerman, Sandra Luby.

2020    Scott Sharnetzka, Wayne McElwain, Eric Cromwell, Carl Grandlund.

2021    Jay Johansen, Jeff Dorsey.

Other Elected Offices:

Treasurer:   Paul Heiser

   Asst Treasurer:  Jerry Writer

Financial Secretary: Iris Rey

   Asst Financial Secretary:  Bill Johnson

Auditors: 2019  Marlene Quesenberry

               2020  Sharyn Granlund

               2021  Janet McElwain

Music Leaders:

Organist/ Pianist: Carl Barr

Adult & Bell Choir Director: Sandra Sharnetzka

Youth Choir Directors: Laura Thomas & Lisa Kreder

Praise Team Directors: Carl & Kathryn Barr

Social Media:

Facebook Administrator: Lisa Kreder

Website Administrator:   Harry Nizer

Right Now Media Coordinators:

Becky Dorsey

Lisa Kreder

Fellowship Hall Scheduling:

Tom Levan: