Piano Teachers

Jami Wilson I teach pop and contemporary piano/keys and recording techniques, not the classical side of things. I cover the theory but I can't play classical piano. So any enquiries looking for song writing, reading chord charts, learning how to use sound libraries and the like. Email jamschool@hotmail.com mobile 07801735336. www.jamschool.co.uk

Samantha Newbold all styles of music great with children and adults Email samanthanewbold@yahoo.co.uk mobile 07771712224 Based in SO19

Stephen Harding Classical Jazz Pianist beginner to advanced Email steve.slharding@btinternet.com mobile 07904104017 Based in SO18

Pippa Beeson All styles great with children and adults Email pippabeeson@pippabeeson.com mobile 07850793693 Based in SO40

Jennette Owens All Styles phone 02380284626 Based in SO43

Sylvia Ede All styles Email Sylvia@atogtuition mobile 07816295499 Based SO19

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