Steven Ongena is a professor of banking in the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich, a senior chair at the Swiss Finance Institutea research professor at KU Leuvenand a research fellow in financial economics of CEPRBefore moving to Zurich, he taught at CentER-Tilburg University and BI Norwegian Business School and studied at the Universities of Oregon (PhD), Alberta (MA) and KU Leuven (MBA, Hir).

He has published in the American Economic ReviewEconometricaJournal of FinanceJournal of Financial EconomicsJournal of International Economics, Journal of Political EconomyManagement Science and the Review of Finance, among other journals. He co-authored, with Hans Degryse and Moshe Kim, the graduate textbook Microeconometrics of Banking: Methods, Applications and Results published by Oxford University Press.

He is currently a co-editor of Economic Inquiry and of the International Review of Finance,, and an associate editor of the Journal of Financial Services ResearchEconomic Notes, the Asian Review of Financial Research, the Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions, and the Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences. In the past he has served as a co-editor for the Review of Finance and as an associate editor for the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Intermediation, the European Economic Review and the Journal of Banking and Finance, among other journals.

He is a fellow of CFS and serves on the scientific advisory board of the Review of Finance, and of FINEST, GOLCER, the Halle Institute for Economic Research, IBEFA, the Research Data and Service Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank and SAFE. He is a frequent visitor at central banks around the world.

In 2017 he received an ERC Advanced Grant, in  2012 an NYU-Fordham-RPI Rising Star in Finance Award and in 2009 a Wim Duisenberg Research Fellowship of the European Central Bank.

Position of Postdoctoral Researcher 

Applications are invited for a position of Postdoctoral Researcher to work on a project on the “Drivers of Bank Lending Growth”. The project is funded by ERC ADG 2016 - GA 740272 lending and coordinated by Steven Ongena (University of Zurich; Principal Investigator). The position is ≥0.8 FTE and fixed-term for a period of 1 year, but renewable up to 5 years, starting at any time on or after the 1st of August 2017. The Postdoctoral Researcher will be based in Zurich, but will also be flexible with respect to the actual location of research. We are looking for someone who is close to completion or has fairly recently completed his/her PhD in (Financial) Economics and has a strong background in microeconometrics, banking and monetary economics. He/she should also have excellent skills in handling, managing and analyzing large datasets. Research experience in the field of empirical banking is expected. Interested candidates are welcome to contact Steven Ongena at: steven.ongena@bf.uzh. The deadline for submitting the application is the 30th of April 2017.

Selected Publications

Jiménez Gabriel, Steven Ongena, José Luis Peydró and Jesús Saurina, Forthcoming, Macroprudential policy, countercyclical bank capital buffers and credit supply: Evidence from the Spanish dynamic provisioning experiments, Journal of Political Economy.

Rajamani, Anjana, Marieke van der Poel, Abe de Jong and Steven Ongena, Forthcoming, The international diversification of banks and the value of their cross-border M&A advice, Management Science.

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Ongena, Steven, Alexander A. Popov and Gregory F. Udell, 2013, "When the cat’s away the mice will play": Does regulation at home affect bank risk-taking abroad?, Journal of Financial Economics, 18, 727-750.

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