I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to teach as a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Haverford College and as an Assistant Professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Below are the course I have created and taught along with the most recent iterations of the syllabi.


Economics of Water (Mines EBGN 537)

Property Rights and Natural Resources (Mines EBGN 434)

Mathematical Economics (Mines EBGN 509/409)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (Haverford ENVS 101) 2016 Syllabus

Natural Resource Economics (Haverford ECON/ENVS 334) 2016 Syllabus

New Institutional Economics and Natural Resources (Haverford ECON/ENVS 229) 2015 Syllabus

Environmental Economics (Haverford ECON/ENVS 234 and CU Boulder ECON 3545) 2014 Syllabus

Intermediate Macroeconomics (CU Boulder ECON 3080) 2012 Syllabus