Steve Morse Computing

I am a self employed computer consultant in Goleta in Southern California.

I used to be based in Yucca Valley.

Yucca Valley is in the Mojave desert, very close to Joshua Tree National Park.

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My Favorite Links:

Sorry all of these links are now defunct!

It s shame, but they were written in the 1990's, and were going concerns then!



Bows and Arrows! If you want a custom Bow or other archery related items, Richard Saffold's BOWYERY is just great. Even if you do not want to buy, he will give free advice on all aspects of archery. As above, please mention my name, I might get a bit of commission!

Goleta Boys & Girls Club

This is where I work part time. Some of the fun things the club has to offer are, a computer lab, art & crafts, reading, sports, homework lab and more. If you are a kid come on down, it's a great club, also check out the web site.

I was a member of the local Optimist Club. For more information on the Optimist Club please call me and leave a message.

Breakfast Optimist Club Of Goleta

My Personal Info:

Name: Steve Morse

You can contact me in the following ways:

Email: morsed2@gmail.com

Phone: (805) 881-3055

Web Site: KI6HGH.com

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