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I'm a Professor and Paul Chellgren Endowed Chair at the University of Kentucky in the Management Dept. of the Gatton College of Business and Economics. I moved here in 2007 from Boston, where I was teaching at Boston College. To the right is a picture of me receiving a research award from UK's President Capilouto. 

My research is focused on social networks, particularly in the context of organizations. The University of Kentucky made a nice video introducing me and my work. See below.  

UK is home to the LINKS Center for Social Network AnalysisHere's a picture of four of the older members of the center.  The bowling bit is a reference to Putnam's Bowling Alone.

                        "Bowling Together"

My primary research interest is social network analysis. I also have an interest in cultural domains and knowledge management. My dissertation was on regular equivalence. You can find out more about my work here:
I'm an Associate Editor for the Journal of Supply Chain Management and also Computational and Mathematical Organizational Theory. I was a founding editor of Field Methods, and still sit on their editorial board. I was a Senior Editor at Organization Science, and I've sat on the editorial boards of Administrative Science QuarterlyConnections, Organization Science, Journal of Management and Sociological Methodology.

I have recently been elected President of INSNA, the professional association for social network researchers, not for the first time. In the 1990's, I was a 2-term President of INSNA, During my tenure, we incorporated INSNA and brought the Sunbelt conference under INSNA's umbrella. During that time, I also founded the SOCNET listserv. 

For several years, I ran the NSF Summer Institute for Ethnographic Research Methods in Anthropology (founded by Russ Bernard and Bert Pelto). 

I enjoy teaching workshops, which I do annually at the Sunbelt conference, Polnet, and the Academy of Management. I have also been a CARMA Short Course Instructor, and taught for several years at the University of Essex Summer Institute. Currently, I give an annual workshop for Statistical Horizons.

My wife and I run a small software publishing company called Analytic Technologies. We publish UCINET, NetDraw, KeyPlayer, E-Net and Anthropac. There is a thriving UCINET users group. 

When time permits, I do some management consulting focusing on understanding and improving social networks within organizations. Here's an essay on the network structures of innovation. I have also done some counter-terrorism work.

My father is Joe Borgatti. You can learn about him from this YouTube video created by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. See also his book, ADELA: The noble and birth and costly death of early venture capitalism in Latin America

I've recently been made a Kentucky Colonel, an honor I share with Elvis Presley and one or two other people. 

LINKS Summer Workshop

The LINKS Center at the University of Kentucky offers an annual 5-day workshop on social network analysis the first full week of every June. For details, visit linksworkshop.org.

New book!

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Steve Borgatti and the Ucinettes