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My research is focused on social networks, particularly in the context of organizations. The University of Kentucky made a nice video introducing me and my work. See below.

I'm a Professor and Paul Chellgren Endowed Chair at the University of Kentucky in the Management Dept. of the Gatton College of Business and Economics. I moved here in 2007 from Boston, where I was teaching at Boston College. To the right is a picture of me receiving a research award from UK's President Capilouto.

LINKS Summer Workshop

The LINKS Center at the University of Kentucky offers an annual 5-day workshop on social network analysis the first full week of every June. For details, visit linksworkshop.org.

New book!

UK is home to the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis. Here's a picture of four of the older members of the center. The bowling bit is a reference to Putnam's Bowling Alone.

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"Bowling Together"

My primary research interest is social network analysis. I also have an interest in cultural domains and knowledge management. My dissertation was on regular equivalence. You can find out more about my work here:

I'm an Associate Editor for the Journal of Supply Chain Management and also Computational and Mathematical Organizational Theory. I was a founding editor of Field Methods, and still sit on their editorial board. I was a Senior Editor at Organization Science, and I've sat on the editorial boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Connections, Organization Science, Journal of Management and Sociological Methodology.

I have recently been elected President of INSNA, the professional association for social network researchers, not for the first time. In the 1990's, I was a 2-term President of INSNA, During my tenure, we incorporated INSNA and brought the Sunbelt conference under INSNA's umbrella. During that time, I also founded the SOCNET listserv.

For several years, I ran the NSF Summer Institute for Ethnographic Research Methods in Anthropology (founded by Russ Bernard and Bert Pelto).

I enjoy teaching workshops, which I do annually at the Sunbelt conference, Polnet, and the Academy of Management. I have also been a CARMA Short Course Instructor, and taught for several years at the University of Essex Summer Institute. Currently, I give an annual workshop for Statistical Horizons.

My wife and I run a small software publishing company called Analytic Technologies. We publish UCINET, NetDraw, KeyPlayer, E-Net and Anthropac. There is a thriving UCINET users group.

When time permits, I do some management consulting focusing on understanding and improving social networks within organizations. Here's an essay on the network structures of innovation. I have also done some counter-terrorism work.

My father is Joe Borgatti. You can learn about him from this YouTube video created by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. See also his book, ADELA: The noble and birth and costly death of early venture capitalism in Latin America.

I've recently been made a Kentucky Colonel, an honor I share with Elvis Presley and one or two other people.

Steve Borgatti and the Ucinettes