Stephanie Green's News

Breaking News:


Feb    23rd    Launch of Dove Tales' anti-war anthology in which I have a poem ('Dido at 
                   Seljalandsfoss Waterfall)  Waterstones, Byres Rd., Glasgow at 7.30pm.

March          Launch at the London Review of Books of 'Magma' (Europe theme edition) 
                    in which I have a poem, 'The Hanmer Agate' published.
June            Sonja Heyer, Sound Artiste,  and myself have had confirmation that our                                poetry/sound collaboration, 'Berlin Umbrella'  will be launched in Berlin, at                              Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg,  Berlin on Sundays, 3rd, 10th and 17th June, 
                  from 2-6pm.     Organized by Litterage, Berlin arts venue.


Dec           Glasgow Review of Books (online)  publish 3 more of my St Kilda poems.

Nov           'Give me your Hand' accepted for publication by the SPL and Voluntary
                  Arts project 'My Time'.

Oct             I will be spending 3 weeks on writing retreat at the Tyrone Guthrie House, 
                  Annahmakerrig in County  Monaghan, Ireland.

Sept          Delighted that Northwords Now, issue 34, Autumn 2017 (print and online)
                  publish six of my poems about the leaving of St Kilda.
Sept 28th, I'm taking part in a National Poetry Day event on the theme of 
                'Freedom'. A celebration of various dissident Soviet poets,
               Osip Mandelstam,  Anna  Akhmatova, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Boris Pasternak,
               Marina Tsvetaeva and Yevgeny Yevtushenko
                on the 100th  anniversary of the Russian Revolution.  I am talking
                about and reading poems by Marina Tsvetaeva.   The event is organised by 
                William Bonar. In the Moir/Dyer Room, Mitchell Library,  Glasgow. 6 p.m. 

July          Mark Harding and I started our first collaboration. My poetry set to his
                electronic soundscape. The first of  these, 'Unst', can be heard on my Home                          page.

July         'Ivor Cutler', which is already in the online version, has been selected to be                            included in the printed version  of 'Scotia Extremis', an anthology celebrating                        Scottish icons edited by Andy Jackson and Brian Johnstone.

June        'Give me your Hand'  accepted for publication in the 'Write to be Counted' 
May         'What must not be spoken on water' included in the anthology 'I am Coming with 
                you' edited by the Writers in Exile committee of Scottish P.E.N.