Stephanie Green Poet and Writer

Poet, novelist and playwright.

Creative Writing Workshop facilitator for all ages.

Dance and Theatre critic.



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 Stephanie at Skerries, County Dublin, with a view of  the Mountains
 of Mourne  in the background, sitting  on the seat dedicated to her 
 ancestor, Percy French, who composed the song 'The Mountains of 
 Mourne sweep down to the sea'. 

 'Flout' her  poetry pamphlet inspired by Shetland landscape, folklore and culture
 published by HappenStance Press launched at StAnza, 2015.

Stephanie's collaboration with Sonja Heyer on a poetry/sound project
                                'Berlin Umbrella
      an 'aural walk' listened to through umbrellas (available at the site) 
                       will be presented on 3 Sundays:  
                          3rd, 10th and 17th June, 2018 
                                  from 2-6 p.m. 
                     at Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
                                  Under the auspices of
                            Lettretage, Mehringdamm 61, 
                                     10961 Berlin 

Collect an umbrella, stroll along a river-bank through the park and listen
through tiny loud-speakers inside the umbrella to poetry and natural 
water sounds inspired by the theme of Berlin's water (in particular the river 

6 different poetry sequences  cover geographical, geologial aspects, folklore
and historical events associated with the Spree from 19th c Water Pumping 'Palaces' to the Cold War and Fall of Berlin Wall. 
Each piece takes c.7 mins and all 6 would take you c. 30 minutes. 

To listen to an extract from Berlin Umbrella,
Stephanie and James T. Harding reading with sound
by Sonja Heyer, 
                           click here.

To listen to Stephanie read 'How to be a Fox' 

 click here


Poetry and Sound collaboration 

with Mark Harding.

To listen to Stephanie read 'Unst' to Mark's 

electronic soundscape


  click here