Pychic Attack

A Psychic attack may seem a little far fetched in this modern day.

Let me assure you that attacks happen in many different ways.

From picking up somebody else’s negativity in a market/shop. This negativity can stick to our energy like static attracts dust onto a TV.

Mingling with negative people, their energy is always dense/heavy and can swamp our lighter energy -which may affect our well being.

Then there’s the intentional type that is sent to harm/hinder you !

Yes there are such things as the Black arts – Voodoo – Ju Ju !!

What ever name it comes under, it is still negative energy.

These create attachments to your energy fields.

This may leave you feeling out of sorts or feeling like a Flu/cold is taking its toll. And normally your demise is quick. Where as a Cold/Flu will take many days to take hold. Other tell tail signs; tiredness - breathlessness – headaches.

Some attacks feed off the emotional energy this in turn creates chaos within the emotions and mind !

Remember; ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT and our thoughts are very powerful tools.

If you believe you have received a psychic attack;

Please do not – send it back, or your creating a battle of wills – not only is this a waste of time and energy -

you could be spending your energy banks on a more fulfilling positive pursuit.

Or even make your situation worst.

One of the best advice I can give is get back to nature - walk in woods or by the sea, this will raise your vibrations and this may rid you of unwanted dense energies !

There are plenty of sites on the Internet giving deeper understanding to this complex subject.

Just thought;

I would cover this subject a little as its one of the things - I look for when I scan a clients energy.