De-Cording Excercise

Have you ever felt over powered by oppression or dark emotions? Or have you felt like your not grounded – Not being able to concentrate – your thoughts flitting ? Do you seem to take on others personalities ? Even long after you have left their company ?

This exercise does two things, It gets rid of unwanted energy interference from others, and two with practice you'll be aware of what your own energy levels are at different times of the day. Although your energy levels may differ i,e when at work or when in a crowded place such as a bar or market or especially stressful environments !

First; focus on the area of the Solar Plexus, visualise cords in that area, some may be quite thick - some like cotton – In colour some may be bright others grey – even black. Choose the darkest cord – who or what situation do you think it is connected too? {do this to all the cords individually, from darkest to the lighter grey colours} Now imagine that you have a pair of crystal white colour scissors in your hand – visualise the scissors getting brighter and brighter, now open and close the scissors and slowly bring the scissors to the area of the Solar Plexus and cut the darkest coloured cords. Then scoop out any dark roots from these cords ! Feel your physical energy become lighter –

{your mood should also becomes lighter}, as you sever each dark connection ! Leave the brighter cords in tact – as these are positive connections that are still important to your life learning !

This exercise can be done as many times a day as you like, in what ever situation your in !