Abstract: The main purpose of creating this project is to provide a simple way of doing many technological operations, especially unlocking an android phone by just placing a powerful small tag under it.NFC or near field communication is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology. NFC is mainly aimed for mobile or handheld devices. NFC is an extension of radio frequency identification or RFID technology. RFID is mainly used for tracking and identification by sending radio waves. NFC works using magnetic induction between two loop antennas located within each others 'near field'.

Personal mission statement: A new opportunity to be innovative.
Future career goals and an explanation of topic: Honestly, I want to become a businesswoman. But  It really shocked me what a very small device can do, so when I started investigating and preparing my project, I became very interested in becoming someone that could actually create something like this.

Driving Question:
How can a ring unlock a phone ?


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Paola Teran,
30 nov. 2016 5:42