Steinbeiser FV10 - Great Sacandaga Lake, NY

Post date: Apr 8, 2010 11:48:17 AM

What: Steinbeiser FV10

When: Week of 6/26 - 7/3

How Much: We will get the whole compound (sleeps 35) for a discounted price of $5040 total (no sales tax).

Shack Plan:

Hi folks.. Mike and I have figured out the house situation.

Here is a list of where each family will be staying.

Josie and Jake will be staying at Pikes Peak,

Andy and family will be stayin at The Rainbow Retreat,

Patty, Amanda and Bob will be staying at the Catfish Commons (bottomhalf of Andy's shack)

Pat and Bob are staying at the Small Mouth shack

Mike & Shelly are in the Large Mouth shack

Hope this works for you guys.

Check out the links above to figure out which sheets to bring.

Where: Adirondac Retreat 589 Bunker Hill Road, Mayfield, New York 12117