The Vision

Post date: Feb 13, 2011 12:43:02 AM

Scale down, move in and simplify. The kids are gone and our current house has served us well for the last twenty-one wonderful years but now it seems like time for something new. We needed a project to kick off this next new phase of our life and a new house and neighborhood seems like the perfect new beginning for us. Leaving the old home place was a bit hard for Di to get her head around for awhile but after we found the "Love Shack" it all seemed to click.

The house is a simple small brick affair of about 1250 square feet, but what makes it workable for us is the 1250 square foot unfinished walk-out basement. We first looked at the house in June 2010 but the price was just out of reach. In July the house went into foreclosure so we watched, waited and guessed what it would cost when it came back on the market with its new owner (the bank). Late in November there it was at a much lower price and with new paint in and out and all the hardwood floors refinished! We pounced immediately and closed in January 2011 without having a buyer for the old house; details details!

The location of the house is "inside the beltline" as they say around here, much closer to downtown and Di's office. Her commute will change from 36 minutes to 6 minutes. We will be minutes away from many interesting eating, shopping and entertainment venues. This is the "simplify" part of the vision and we're really looking forward to living "closer in".

This will be a project house for sure, but it will be livable immediately. A new bathroom and kitchen are high on the list, then we'll carve out some more living space from the basement. We plan on moving the 3rd bedroom down there and adding more living area, a full bath, laundry area and some workshop space. The 3rd bedroom will be primarily space for Di to do with what she pleases (a dream come true for her!)

Here is a video we made on Jan 29th to document the house in its "before" state.

Heres architectural drawings that show:

the original floor plan: Upstairs, Basement

the changes we plan to make: Upstairs, Basement

So perhaps we'll document the progress on this project here, it certainly should be interesting!