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Project - Kha Ran Than

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! Important News !

The VS Clan has created a new mod. The Vietnam theme will be even more visible and gameplay even better.
Testing of the mod is over and is launched into the 2.60b ET world. We have re-textured the map for your convenience. The early WIP screenshots shown below are therefor out-dated, but the map structure will remain the same.

More info:

Official Mod website

Project VS:

SLUT is proud to announce to work together with the Veteran Soldiers Clan (see more at on a new all exclusive map

The SMB will create the first version of the map only for the VS clan.
Although this project is secret and highly confidential, we can only say that the campaign is set up in the suburbs of Saigon.

The map will have a Vietnam based theme and can be played (later on) on the official and original Veteran Soldiers Server

Copyrights to be respected

All images have been edited in an image editor.
Actual gameplay may vary.
All Images ©2009, All Rights Reserved SMB, SLUT and SGS are trademarks from the SLUT clan. Do NOT copy any content of the Kha Ran Than© map.