Project: Wolf Records

Project Wolf Records is a unique and brand new project of two combined powers: [S&M] and [SMB] .

Both map designers team up to create a never before seen scenario and objective into the world of Wolf:ET !
No deadlines set. The mapping process has just begun, but be sure to check back this site more often !

This project is under supervision of [S&M] Pegazus and [SMB] Shagileo.
Additional map design conceived by [SLUT] NM

News: 28/08/2010

Three of a kind

We warmly welcome [SLUT] NM to the Wolf Records project.
He's doing additional brushwork and works on requested elements.

This is truly a welcome helping hand !

News: 09/09/2010

Wolf Records Novelties

Wolf Records is fully in production and to give the followers a little treat, The [SLUT] Graphix Studios , [SGS], has created 3 Wolf Records wallpapers.
To download the wallpapers, simply click on your preferred image, right click and save as. Or right click: Use image as background.

Two out of three wallpapers are designed for Windows monitors, one is designed for Mac users.

Grey Moon Scape - Wolf Records

(Windows - 1024 X 768)

Cloud Studio  - Wolf Records

(Windows - 1024 X 768)

Wolf Howl - Wolf records

(Mac - 1280 X 800)

News: 03/11/2010

Mister Hammond... the Radiant is working

After a rather long hiatus, I'm glad to announce that I got Radiant working on Mac now.
This means I can now map in peace, instead of working with a slow computer.

This caused some delay in the mapping process, but things seems to be on track again.
Also a small  detail is announced at the official 'Project: Wolf Records' topic @ the [SLUT] Bordello forum.
It's meant to be a summer map. Not spicy enough for you? - Well, soon enough a super special Wolf Records contest will be held at the Bordello Forum!

Be sure to check out the topic here:

Or of course, keep an eye out on this page!

See you in a next update!

News: 28/11/2010

P:WR - Contest: Be the star!

Project: Wolf Records is all about name 'n fame in the Wolfenstein Game. That's why we offer an all unique chance to leave your mark in the streets of Wolf Records city !
Earn the right to claim a spot in one of the most luxurious part of the map and to call yourself a star.

What's this all about?
In this  rock 'n roll adventure, you'll need to search for this star:

The Wolf Records star will be hidden somewhere on one of the [SLUT] related websites (on a webpage).
If you're the one to find the star, PM Shagileo (on the [SLUT] forum: ) with the url link to the page where you found it !

As a price token, this star will give you eternal name fame in Project: Wolf Records map.

So keep an eye out for the upcoming week, there will be no warning when the star will be shining world wide !
(obviously the 'Wolf Records Star' on the [SMB] Wolf Records page does not count - but this doesn't mean it won't appear on the site at all)

Good luck and happy hunting !

News: 18/05/2011

Project Wolf Records status update

Dear visitors,

I'm here to announce that the Wolf Records project is currently halted.
Mainly because the partnership is currently, and for a while now, on a hold.
Several private issues have been the reason to this.

To asure you, there's no personal conflict between both mapping partners (in contrary), but things were going on in the real life that ate our time.

As it mostly goes with halted projects, they will most likely die out in time. I for one am not planning to continue mapping on this one for a while now.
Maybe there's still future in this one, I truly hope so because the idea was pretty wild, but for now, both [SMB] and [S&M] are working on a separate project.
To find out more about the latest work of [SMB], check the new project title page:

Project: Tower Hotel

For those who have been following, thanks a bunch and maybe (I truly hope so) see you later in a new update !