Practice Information

  • Practice Location:

Abington High School Pool

  • First Practice/Evaluation

Tuesday, November 1st 6-7pm

The coaches will evaluated the swimmers to determine

  • Practices - Weekly beginning Tuesday, November 1st

Tuesdays: 6-7pm

Thursdays: 7-8pm

All swimmers should arrive to practice on time and have the following:

  1. Swim suit*

  2. Googles

  3. Towel

  4. Swim cap (Mandatory for girls; optional for boys)

*Boys are required to wear jammers or a brief style suit (NO BOARD SHORTS OR TRUNKS). Girls are required to wear a one piece competition style swimsuit.

Arrival: Swimmers should arrive dressed for swim practice and expect to leave in swimsuits. We are unable to use the locker rooms for anything other than the restrooms.

Dismissal: It is the expectation that parents are at the pool, in the building with their swimmers when practice is over. For safety reasons, we can not allow kids to leave the building and meet parents in the parking lot.