We are actively seeking new members! 

The Hearth of St Brigid will. return in 2013 refocused on Renaissance Foodways, getting back to the original theme of a village hearth where the families of the village bring their bread to be baked in the communal ovens. In our case, the oven lives in the Lord Mayor's gardens.

The kitchens of the Lord Mayor's house are bustling with activity as His Honor prepares to play host to the visiting dignitaries and nobles of the queen's court in his unending quest for increased status. 

All manner of Elizabethan cookery will be on display with period recipes and commentary and miscellaneous hilarity as everyone prepares for the Lord Mayor's feast. Activities to include: Food fights, pantry raids, cooking, baking, dicing, drinking, drama, and general kitchen-related tomfoolery. 

It's Good Eats meets Kitchen Confidential in the 16th century!

Whether you are a foodie and a cook with a yen to explore the oddities and fun of renaissance cooking or you want to be a carpenter, valet, household page, or maid, St Brigid has room for you at the hearth!

We will be building a whole new cooking set this year, including a working period oven, so all hands needed!  Costuming help available for men and women. Please read our guidelines docs here to get a good handle on what's involved.

A whole new website is coming soon with all your old favorite content plus a whole lot more as we count down to our resurgence at WMRF 2013!

Contact the Lord Mayor at this email address to learn more!