Student Seminar@Stat MSU, Fall 2016


Time: Fridays 4pm--5pm
Location: C405 Wells Hall (except as noted)

Food served at C405 Wells Hall.




Sep 23"Regression shrinkage and selection via the Lasso" by Robert Tibshirani (1996) Pei Geng
Sep 30"Boosting with the L2-Loss: Regression and Classification" by Peter Buhlmann and Bin Yu (2002)Sneha Jadhav
Oct 14"The adaptive Lasso and its oracle properties." by Zou H. (JASA 2006)Asish Banik
Oct 28Space-time duality: Modeling with fractional derivativesJames Kelly
Nov 4

Joint Modelling of PK/PK and dropout

Shunjie Guan
Nov 11A semiparametric Multi-State Survival Frailty ModelDaewoo Pak
Nov 18Spatial count data analysis: A penalised score approachRejaul Karim
Dec 2Spike and SlabLiangliang Zhang
Dec 9The parametrix for stable driven SDEsLorick Huang

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