Student Seminar@Stat MSU, Fall 2017

Student Seminar@Stat MSU, Fall 2017 Details

Time: 5-6 pm Thursday
Location: C405 Wells Hall (except as noted)

Food served at C405 Wells Hall.


Variable selection has been a popular topic in statistics for decades. Many variable selection methods possess nice properties (E.g. selection consistent). Now that we have obtained many good selection results, we can move a step further, i.e., how to do statistical inference on the selected parameters, which is an extremely hot topic recently, known as the post selection inference. In this student seminar, we will discuss some important papers on the topics of the post selection inference.


10/12 Thur      A Review on LASSO and LARSXiaoxi Shen
10/19 Thur   A Significance Test for the LASSO (i)
Kaixu Yang
10/26 ThurA Significance Test for the LASSO (iI)Kaixu Yang


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