About Salil Mehta and Statistical Ideas

Salil Mehta is a statistician and risk strategist, who has developed an engaging method to teach quantitative methods. 

Salil has 17 years of experience, of which a dozen years were on Wall Street, performing proprietary trading and economic research for firms such as Salomon/Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.  He also served for two years in a leadership role, as the group Director of Analytics, in the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the Administration's $700 billion TARP program with capital injections inside a range of industries: such as autos, insurance, banks, and housing.  There organized and economic analysis for multiple financial projects for the Treasury, and the Administration's important economic groups.  Salil is also the former Director of the Policy, Research, and Analysis Department in the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.  This was a highly visible position for the Agency head to manage a department of actuaries, consultants, econometricians, and policy experts, with the goal of better understanding the future trajectory of the nation’s pension system.  He completed a graduate degree in mathematical statistics from Harvard, and earned a 4.0/4.0 in post-graduate, mathematical finance coursework at Columbia.  Salil completed the Chartered Financial Analyst exams, as well as being a current dual candidate member of the Society of Actuaries.  In addition to having lectured on probability and economics at a number of leading universities, he has authored academic articles.  Salil currently provides advisory to the heads of several corporate entities and educational institutions, and he currently lectures on graduate statistics at Rutgers on the weekends this year, concurrent to also being a statistics, and analytics Georgetown faculty.

Salil has also been acknowledged or on air interviewed and by a number of leading publications, such as the National Bureau of Economic Research, American Statistical Association, New York Times, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CFA Institute, and Tom Keene, and Betty Liu, both of Bloomberg.  He has also completed a statistics and analytics topics book, a working draft of which is available as a library resource for students at Georgetown, and Rutgers.  The unimpeded blog provides an interesting discussion of various statistical applications, and the bottom of this "Statistics courses" link offers downloadable, refresher presentations on the basics of probability and statistics.  Also the site has been added to the syllabus of at least four leading universities. 

Salil is an academic research contributor in arXiv (scientific) and RePEc (economic), and this site is also added to a selective academic aggregator.  You directly contact Salil and follow him on Facebook and Skype (name: saliltreasury).  And you can subscribe by using the RSS icon, on the right toolbar of the blog or the link below.

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