12/21/2010: This program has been superseded by NETWORK SGL.

The command NETWORKS generates matrix representations of directed or undirected networks with no weights.  The attachment below contains the following files:

  • NETWORKS11201002main.pdf: Working paper under review at the Stata Journal.
  • networks.sthlp: Stata help file.
  • networks.ado: Wrapper ado-file for Mata functions.
  • lnetworks.mlib: Compiled Mata library. 
  • Do-file to re-compile the following Mata files if necessary:
    • x0.mata
    • x1.mata
    • x2.mata
  • florentine_marriages.dta: Stata data set containing unweighted network of 15th century Florentine family marriages from Padgett and Ansell (1993).
  • imfcpis2007.dta: Stata data set containing unweighted network of global (selected) investment flows based on the International Monetary Fund, Portfolio Investment: Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS).
Notes: In regards to the working paper, please excuse me for inconsistencies in the citations (as helpfully pointed out by Rense Corten) and some of the theoretical concepts.  I'll be working on changing these for NETWORK SGL.
Hirotaka Miura,
Dec 7, 2010, 10:17 PM