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Beginners Jive and Some Inspiring Videos

There have been many dancing videos circulated.  Some popular inspirational ones are:


From Britain's Got Talent 2014. 
6 minutes.
Paddy is 79 years old. 
Watch her inspirational dancing and story.
(Credits: Youtube)

  Video via facebook .
  2 minutes 50 seconds.
  "Hope this video brightens your day and brings a warm smile to your face...

  Nellia, 64, and Dietmar, 70, remind us to never stop dancing and to never stop being young". 

  (Credits: SwingNellia on YouTube)

  Reinaldo Ojeda 
  Has only one leg.
  Amazing Dancer.

  This is just one of his many videos.

  (Credits: YouTube)


Beginners Ballroom Latin Class. Melville Recreation Centre. Dancing a Jive


Stan Dancing Melville. Jive Beginners.

Beginners Jive Dance lesson. 
Stans Dancing Melville

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  What our clients are saying

  "Your constant positive outlook and generosity of spirit really made the lessons a highlight of our time here".

  "You couldn't have any idea how much pleasure we have had learning to dance with you. Your unending patience is so to be admired…I will keep recommending your classes as they definitely are the best"

   "….thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and your encouragement and support. …I think of it as a great achievement.. as I always thought, before coming to your dancing classes, that I would die without ever         having danced. … not so now!!!!"

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