Past Events

Simon Prosser: Consciousness and the Explanatory Gap
9.4.2013 Careers Event
14.3.2013 Pub Quiz
5.2.2013 Katie Harrington: Kant's Distinction between Appearances and Things in Themselves
20.11.2012 Tim Mulgan: Does the Universe have a Purpose?
13.11.2012 Ben Saunders: The Institutional Implications of Political Equality
6.11.2012 Angie Hobbs: Plato on Courage and Risk
30.10.2012 Brian McElwee and Ben Sachs: Utilitarianism (Debate)
09.10.12 Philosophy Pub Quiz
 17.04.12 Debate: Does utilitarianism give the best response to the claim that taxation is forced labour?
06.03.12 PhD student info and discussion session.
14.02.12 Chris Hooley: Einstein meets Kant: Does General Relativity contradict the Transcendental Aesthetic?

15.12.11 Ilhan Inan (Bogaziki University, Turkey): The Philosophy of Curiosity

13.12.11 Christmas Party

06.12.11 Francois Recanati: Singular Thought

01.12.11 Graham Priest: Buddhist Ethics

29.11.11 John Haldane: The Analytical / Continental Divide

22.11.11 Yann Allard-Tremblay: Authority and the Epistemic Argument for Democracy

15.11.11 Sarah Broadie: Did Plato's World Have a Beginning?

25.10.11 Stewart Shapiro: Incompleteness

18.10.11 Movie Evening: Gattaca

13.10.11 Chris Woerner: When is a Work of Art finished?

12.10.11 Brian McElwee: The Value of Virtue

04.10.11 Derek Ball: Physicalism and the Knowledge Argument

29.09.11 Martin Sticker: How can we intentionally deceive ourselves? A Kantian approach

27.09.11 Welcome Social and Pubquiz


07.05.11 AGM

07.10.10 Thomas Hodgson (St Andrews): Systematic Theorising About Content

05.10.10 Jeff McMahan (Rutgers): Self-Defense Against Justified Threats

28.09.2010 Welcome Social: Wine and Cheese

24.09.2010 Bejants' Reception


14.05.2010 Garden Party and Journal Launch (5th issue)

08.05.2010 AGM

04.05.2010 Frank Jackson (Princeton): Direct Realism for Representationalists

27.04.2010 PubQuiz

22.04.2010 Jonathan Ichikawa: Do Dreams deceive?

13.04.2010 Simon Prosser: Perception and the Passage of Time

23.03.2010 Stewart Shapiro: An i for an i: Singular Terms, Uniqueness and Reference

16.03.2010 Adrian Walsh: Money and Moral Philosophy

09.03.2010 Jonathan Boyd: The Lion and the Ox: Engaging with Hobbes

02.03.2010 Ole Hjortland: Validity and Truth Preservation

23.02.2010 Debate: Is eating bacon evil? A high steaks debate and EGM

16.02.2010 Journal Launch (4th issue)

09.02.2010 Chris Hooley: How many heads has the arrow of time?

15.12.2009 Christmas Party

08.12.2009 Lucas Thorpe: Kantian Humanity, and Monkeys

01.12.2009 David Walker: Kuhn and Explanatory Loveliness

24. 11.2009 Debate: Is the Sceptic a Reasonable Chap?

17.11.2009 Movie: Pi

03.11.2009 Katherine Hawley: Knowing That and Knowing How

01.11.2009 Philosophical Autumn Walk

27.10.2009 Timothy Williamson (Oxford): Contingency and Being

20.10.2009 Undergraduate Research Internship Presentation

13.10.2009 Debate: Euthanasia! Yay!

06.10.2009 Lisa Jones: How robust is the work of Art?

29.09.2009 Social: Wine and Cheese

25.09.2010 Edgecliffe Reception


05.05.2009 Peter Clark: Science, War and Ethics

18.04.2009 Richard King (Glasgow): Ethical Experience in Aristotle

23.04.2009 Debate: Who is the greatest English Philosopher of all times?

21.04.2009 Mark Sprevak (Cambridge): Does a Rock perform every computation?

14.04.2009 Patrick Greenough: Relativism

24.03.2009 Postgrads: Philosophy Buffet

17.03.2009 Antti Kauppinen: Sympathy, Disgust, and Morality

12.03.2009 Movie: Blade Runner

10.03.2009 John Skorupski: Impartiality

03.03.2009 Chris Hooley: Quantum Mechanics and Philosophy

24.02.2009 John Haldane: The Immaterial Mind

17.02.2009 Debate: Is the life of a baby more valuable than that of a thirty year-old?

11.12.2008 Movie Night: The Fountain; EGM

09.12.2008 Stewart Shapiro: Incompleteness

04.12.2008 Alisdair Richmond (Edinburgh): The Big Pitowsky: Doing Infinitely Many Things in (Less Than) No Time At All

02.12.2008 Jens Timmermann: Kant: An illustrated introduction

27.11.2008 Debate: Capital Punishment: Should Society have the right to kill?

25.11.2008 Tim Mulgan: Ethics for a Broken World

18.11.2008 Stephen Read: A taste of Medieval Logic

04.11.2008 Craig Smith: Seeing through Adam Smith’s invisible hand

30.10.2008 Movie: Donnie Darko

28.10.2008 Chris Hooley. Putnam vs. Van Fraasen - A view from the coal face. Or: What, if anything, are scientists talking about?

21.10.2008 Debate: Teleportation – would you do it?

14.10.2008 James Harris: What is the point of philosophy?

07.10.2008 Social: Wine and Cheese


10.05.2008: 2008 AGM and beach-walk

29.04.2008: Inaugural Philosophical Pub Quiz

22.04.2008: Simon Prosser: “Zeno’s Revenge – The Weird and Wonderful World of Objects with Infinite Parts”

18.03.2008: Jacob Busch: “Do Numbers Exist? Why We Believe Numbers Exist – And How Science Says Otherwise”

11.03.2008: Leslie Stevenson: “Could the World be Infinite? A Critical Elucidation of Kant’s First Autonomy”

04.03.2008: Movie Night: Waking Life, and EGM.

26.02.2008: Debate: “Plato’s Republic – Would you want to live there?”

19.02.2008: Cheese and Wine evening.

18.12.2007: Professor Sarah Broadie: “What Difference Can Philosophy Make? – The Myth of Er”

12.12.2007: Debate: “Could I have gone somewhere else tonight? Free will vs Determinism”

05.12.2007: Professor Graham Priest: “Buddism and the Self”

07.11.2007: Movie Night: Memento

31.10.2007: Debate: “Zombies!”

21.10.2007: Dr Katherine Hawley: “Paradoxes of Time Travel”



08.05.2007: Dr Patrick Greenough: “Que Será, Será!”

06.03.2007: Professor Andy Clark (Edinburgh): “Zombie Vision: Experience, Action and Visuomotor Control”

01.03.2007: Inaugural edition of Aporia

27.02.2007: Crispin Wright - Descartes and Dreams

20.02.2007: Jens Timmermann - Freedom of a Turnspit? The Airport Edition of the Critique of Practical Reason

12.10.2006: Duncan Pritchard (Stirling) - Value and Knowledge

17.10.2006: Greg Moore (German Department) - Nietzsche and Darwin

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