Journal APORIA

Aporia is the Philosophy Society's regular journal.  "Aporia" stands for philosophical puzzlement, and Plato's dialogues are called "aporetic" since they often end with the interlocutor finding himself confused about the meaning of a concept that he had previously thought he knew.  Good examples include piety (The Euthyphro) and courage (The Laches). 

Since Feb 2007, Aporia is published bi-annually, and has since then contributed to our readers' "confusion on a higher level".  The featured items are predominantly essays on broadly philosophical topics, and submissions are accepted from anyone - undergraduates, post-graduates, professional philosophers and anyone else with the interest and capacity to submit an article.

Past Issues

Issue 15, 2016

Edited by Leonie Smith, Madeleine Hyde, Oscar Westerblad, Alessandro Rizzo, Silvia Onorato, Jonathan Dittrich, Kirsty Hardwick and Celia Coll (editor in chief)

Contributions from: Paul Conlan, William Morgan, Matthew Keliris-Thomas and Christopher Raleigh Bousquet.

Link to online version

Issue 14, May 2015

Edited by Matthew Cull, Celia Coll, Yesmukhammed Dosken, and Lewis Ross.

Contributions from: Kenneth Kasper, Holly Longair, Charlotte Figueroa, Antoine Louette, and Robert Yaman. 

Issue 13, May 2014

Edited by Deborah Marber, Samantha Bennett and Marija Antanviciute.

Contributions from: Steffen Koch, Joshua Matthews, Blair Spowart, Jonathan M. Winters, and Adam Sachs.


Issue 12, Nov 2013

Edited by Deborah Marber, Samantha Bennett and Marija Antanviciute.

Contributions from: Cameron Smith, Allen Farrington, Gabriel Larivière, Sail Dudani, and Valerio Marcon.



Issue 11, May 2013

Edited by José Osorio

Contributions from: Connor Haynes, Evan Taylor, Catriona Furlong, Ole Andreassen, and Marija Antanaviciute.

Issue 10, Nov 2012

Edited by José Osorio and Aedan Burt

Contributions from: Tano Posteraro, Sam Hege, Magali Fernández-Salazar, Peter Casurella, and Caroline Lyster.

Link to online version:


Issue 9, May 2012

Edited by Jordan Greenaway and José Osorio

Contributions from: Harry Walton, Sallie Barnes, Joe Dewhurst, Matthew Simpson, Andrew Smyth, and Ed Noel.



Issue 8, Feb 2012

Edited by Jordan Greenaway and José Osorio

Contributions from: Jack Whiteley, Laura Porro, Anthony Boese, Ruth E. Lowe, and David Schroeren



Issue 7, April 2011

Edited by Jordan Greenaway and Jerome Langford

Contributions from: Helena Drage, Maximilian Huber, Dr. Gaven Kerr, Michael Plant, and Brian Sonia-Plant.


Issue 6, Dec 2010

Edited by Ottilia Csoti & Benjamin Hofmann.

Contributions from: Adam Mantha, Craig Iffland, Bieu Tran, Guy Munden, Kirsty Collins.


Issue 5, May 2010

Edited by Jordan Greenaway & Benjamin Hofmann.

Contributions from: Max Lane, William Hogarth, Jack Wright, Andrew McLeod, Cameron Boult.

Issue 4, Feb 2010

Edited by Kyle Mitchell, Ste Broadrick & Benjamin Hofmann.

Contributions from: Silvan Wittwer, Kyle Mitchell, Chris Hanson, Stuart Caulfield, Lea Wisken.

Issue 3, May 2009

Edited by Joe Slater & Kyle Mitchell.

Contributions from: Silvan Wittwer, Benjamin Perlin, Lukas Lohove, Malcolm Collins, Jönne Speck, Kyle Mitchell, Fenner Tanswell.


Issue 2, Dec 2008

Edited by Joe Slater & Kyle Mitchell.

Selected Contents:

- Interview with Simon Prosser.
- Contributions from: Andreas Stokke, Michael Hicks, John Fluharty, Martin Beek, Mark Pexton.

Issue 1, Feb 2007

Edited by John Fluharty.

Selected Contents:
 - Interview with Marcus Rossberg.
 - "Knowledge and Value" by Professor Duncan Pritchard (University of Stirling).  Contributions from Marco Dees, Philip Ebert, John Fluharty, Peter Kirwin.