About The Church

Our Mission Statement: St. Andrew's commitment is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that in His love, we can reach out to others.

About the People: Members and friends from near and far have recognized the talents, energies and spirit of kindness and generosity which marks the congregation at St. Andrew’s,Temiskaming Shores. We have known the power of prayer and the love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since earliest times at St. Andrew’s, we have set goals of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and establishing a welcoming, inspiring and uplifting worship service, which promotes peace and justice among all people. Members come from near-by towns and villages to our sanctuary on Sunday morning. We are an older congregation, but gladly welcome all to worship.

About the Church and history: Presbyterians who came to the District of Temiskaming and settled in the town, which would later become New Liskeard, were a hardy sort. They established the congregation in 1895 under the direction of Rev. E. E. Pitts. The present building was built in 1903, the materials being brought across Lake Temiskaming on a steamboat. Throughout the years, the congregation has been an integral part of our community and the area.

The architectural style of the building can be described as Victorian Gothic - a handsome brick structure that is an historic treasure as well as easily being one of the most attractive buildings of that vintage in town. It is said to have a combination of understated elegance that retains a feeling of solidity and good taste.

The atmosphere in the sanctuary is also enhanced by the presence of two large stained glass windows. The windows on the south wall was dedicated in 1958 with the assistance of the ladies of the Church. The window on the north wall is a newer one, dedicated in 1992 to the memory of a family in our congregation.

The interior of the sanctuary is completed by a wide east wall featuring the choir pews, the pulpit and the prominent, but dignified pipes of our pipe organ. On the west, over the entrance, is a balcony which includes a minister's study at the north end. The balcony can also be used for extra seating, when necessary.

Recently, an accessibility ramp was added to St. Andrew's. This ramp was completed in the fall of 2008 and provides access to the sanctuary for everyone. Recently a hydraulic lift elevator inside the church has been added connecting the sanctuary floor and lower hall where fellowship times and other social church gatherings are held.