Society for Serving Seniors (SSS) is a society set up to take up the cause of the Senior Citizens Community as a whole. We believe that seniors should take care of themselves as far as possible and lead an independent life with dignity and respect. They must take responsibility for themselves for the sake of their own happiness. Fully responsible seniors not only take complete care of themselves but also reach out, not only to their families in a non-interfering manner but also to the society at large. This they do so by giving back to society what society has given them all along.

SSS is a Society established for Empowering, Nurturing, Informing and Organizing Responsible Seniors. Empowerment may be achieved through a) advising on matters of financial security b) facilitating exchange of Information Knowledge or Experience c) help them organize as groups and uniting such groups into a pressure group d) providing opportunities for learning new things etc. There could be many more things added to this list. Old Age is second childhood or elders learn to play second innings. Here SSS steps in by offering a wide range of services, products or facilities tailored to various segments of the senior population.

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