Mel scripts

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This include character rigging Mel scripts, animator friendly tools for selecting controls, placing objects in reference files, animation exporting, pose creation animation importing etc, and file cleaning utility for Lighting, and creation of default lighting in the scene files (based on the current project settings) , render layer creation, and folder structure creation for project files in server.

Snake mel script demo

Snake Mel script creates rig the Snake and create Presets.


Auto Rig is a Biped auto rigging system it creates all controllers for easy animation.

Smooth animation curves mel

Tweaking the animation curves manually takes time by using this script
we can minimize time in animation.

Lighting scripts

This is Lighting Shelf (included few mels in it)
This make Lights, Layers and render settings, clean the scene etc.

wings feather creator mel

Rigging wings with mel script.

Tracking Progress

Tracking the production is a important task
This shows how we track the animation project.

Create Folder structure

Creating number of folders is a very tedious job
Using this script we can create required folders in no time.

Grass generation mel

This script creates Grass on given plane.

This script extract Blend shapes from given mesh. This will be useful when
we deleted shapes from the scene and we need those back to adjust.

Script installation

This shows how to install SSRigTools.