SQLite ProfileProvider

membership profile and role provider for asp.net works with sqlite

Profile provider helps us to store user specific data. like user's mother name or mobilenumber and things like that. and you will need to declare these profile related variables in web.config file like this:

<profile defaultProvider="SQLiteProfileProvider">
<add name="SQLiteProfileProvider" type="Mascix.SQLiteProviders.SQLiteProfileProvider" connectionStringName="ConnString" applicationName="TEST"/>
<add name="Name" type="System.String"/>
<add name="SureName" type="System.String"/>
<add name="Address" type="System.String"/>
<add name="County" type="System.Int32"/>
<add name="City" type="System.Int32"/>
<add name="PostalCode" type="System.String"/>
<add name="HomePhone" type="System.String"/>
<add name="WorkPhone" type="System.String"/>
<add name="CellPhone" type="System.String"/>
<add name="AdsenseID" type="System.String"/>
<add name="AdsenseChannelID" type="System.String"/>

then in other pages if user is logged in you can set and get these values from db. this normally works with mssql like other providers. but with this sqlite profile provider class and this db and dll you can use it with sqlite.