SQLite asp.net providers

membership, profile, role, personalization provider for asp.net works with sqlite

V2- I needed to enable webparts in asp.net project and I remembered this page and I added SQLite personalizationprovider to this project. its in the download page. I am not expert about sqlite database if you suggest any more index please send me an email(ozkan.pakdil is my adress at gmail).

V1- I was playing with symfony then I found out that sqlite is really cool db for small projects or for doing things fast or this is the most important part for taking backups. yes with big database system you can do what ever you want like foreign keys end triggers and stored procedures. but still taking backups and maintainence is a big issue for them.

While I was looking symfony suddenly I tought why I am not using this database with asp.net there must be someway and start googling. then I found this article.I just added the profile part to that article. and decided to publish here.

With sqlite you can copy and paste just a db file and you got your backup. you can develop further on it or whatever you want. especially developing will be more easy because when we develop on server we don't have the same sql database in our local system or vice versa. you have to deploy things to server or take latest versions from server. and with mysql and mssql and other databases its quite a time issue.

with this providers you can use sqlite easily and still have a fast database system.

SQLite ASP.NET membership profile and role providers